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APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media application that introduces a new ecosystem which merges lifestyle, passion, and user-generated income inside a single mobile application.

It is built on the Steem blockchain utilizing the new Smart Media Tokens by Steem.

„We’re living through the most significant revolution of all time. Social media changed the way we express ourselves and the way we spend our most valuable assets. We spent many hours every day reducing liking and sharing content we don’t considered work because we enjoy spending time online. But if we are the work force behind the value of social media company it would only be fair to get a return on our investment with a revolutionising technology. Appics introduces a new ecosystem that merges lifestyle with income inside one mobile application. In other words we turn likes into currency. With Appics you can continue what you’re doing already. Sharing your lifestyle online but this time get rewarded for it…“

More Infos about Appics coming soon

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