Video: „What Cryptocurrencies I’m Buying In 2020“

By The Modern Investor


hello everybody welcome back for anothervideo hope you’re all doing well andthat you’re all having an incredible daythis has to be prefaced this is not inany way shape or formfinancial advice do not take anythingthat I say as professional legal and/ortax financial cryptocurrency advice inany way shape or form as always makesure to always do your own research Ican only do so much and I can tell youwhat I think of what comes out of myhead and goes into the microphone butthis is not for you to do simply becauseI am also going to do this people havebeen asking me last couple of weeks Iassume as the year is coming to an endwhich crypto currencies I plan oninvesting in and/or buying into duringthe course of the year 2020 this isprobably I was gonna say this might beone of my shortest videos ever but I Itend to ramble who knows what the futureis going to bring us the point to beingin 2020 once again not financial adviceduring the course of 2017 2018 and 2020my view of the cryptocurrency market haschanged dramatically I’m sure a lot ofyou remember me talking about many othercoins and that stopped during the secondhalf of 2018 and during the course of2019 I became very focused on what I aminvesting in in particular for those ofyou who do not know and I mean to sum itup as quick as possible the coins I willbe investing in or the coins I findmyself me and my money to be the mostadvantageous for the next five to tenyears our Bitcoin and aetheriuma lot of you probably went and gaspedvery lightly as I did not mention XRP Ihaverealized myself that I need to focusspecifically on Bitcoin aetherium isalso a it’s not hanging on by a threadbut etherium is at the point where ifthese upgrades do not work if we do notsee proof of stake relatively soon Imyself will back away from collecting orgathering or buying ether as I have doneso before and I will focus exclusivelyprobably then on Bitcoin a lot of thingshave happened this year with XRP thatdid not happen that they said wouldhappen that did not end up taking placewhile the company itself may now bevalued at 10 billion US dollars I myselfneed to see actual movement and I don’tmean movement in the price of the coin Imean actual movement from the companyit’s great that you have all that moneyit’s great that you have this and it’sgreat that you have all thesepartnerships but there needs to be moredone I myself need to see that thepartnerships or the future so-calledpartnerships with any banks are actuallynot only true but that they’re actuallyusing XRP itself that does not mean thatI have a disdain or a dislike for XRPXRP still ranks high on my list of thecoins that I believe will do potentiallywell in the future potentially howeverit is my opinion that I do not foreseeXRP and/or ether outperforming Bitcoinitself over the next five to ten yearsin my view from what I’ve seen from theadoption from the people who are buyingup Bitcoin when Bitcoin whatever we haveand anything a company an institution afinancial network a bank talk about thefuture of digital currencies ittypically lies on the shoulder ofBitcoin when we talk about the peoplewho are accumulating crypto currenciesin mass it is usually around Bitcoinwhen we talk about the people who arebuying 30,000 40,000 125,000 ofsomething who are setting up miningfactories and rigs and other countriestalking about issuing bonds againstsomething it has always been Bitcoin Imentioned that at the beginning of thisyear the very end of a 2018 I said itwas what did I say was put up or shut upso many coins kept on saying that theywere able to do this that they were ableto do that and Isaid if these coins actually end upperforming during the course of 2019they would have a spot on my list theywould glow unlike any other coins and Ithought for a while for a while then itwas going to be between EOS Cardnoand Tron yes I know Tron is also verysurprising but I even gave it a chance Isaid if you can do it do it stop talkingabout it and just simply perform theaction that you say that you are or wereplanning on doing at the moment for 2020I am only planning on accumulatingBitcoin if the network upgrades foraetherium do take shape and we do getthe beginning phases of the hybrid ofproof of work and proof of stake I willthen be far more inclined to startcollecting absorbing more etherespecially as the news that we’ve gottenbefore for the actual issuance rate thatmeans every time that a block is mind onthe etherium platform that the issuancerate of ether made by the network wasgoing to go down we had five etherbefore I think we had then three Ibelieve we currently have two ether thatare produced per block by the networkremember we went over this before in thesummer of this year I believe it isexpected that the issuance rate of etheris going to be dropped to zero point twoether that’s nothing that’s adramatically minimal amount of etherthat will then be dripping onto themarket and on top of that as well if wealso have a situation where proof ofstake is then high britta’d Li activatedand people are trying to buy them asmuch either as possible to be able tocreate more ether on the network andeven the ether that is created by thenetwork is minisculethis could mean could co uld mean thatthe price of ether would also beaffected very positively and would moveitself up as far as XRP unless somethingreally takes shape and I don’t mean eventhe entire part of XRP not performingthat well this year I got tired of thatentiretalk as well everyone was like it’s theworst-performing acids theworst-performing so and so we know thatthe company was releasing 1 billion XRPevery single month it’s clearly had sometype of a negative impact on the coin Idon’t care about the coins prices i-i’llbuy Bitcoin I told you this all beforeif Bitcoin hits a dollar I’m buying it Idon’t care if everyone’s like nope thewhole project is done I’m still buyingit when in my opinion whe n Bitcoin everhits 100,000 if not a million dollarsper coin in some fantastical future I amstill going to buy it I will still bebuying satoshis as often as I possiblycan as often as my wallet will permit Iwill still continue to do soprices don’t really matter to me it’smore the long term in all of this it’smore so a fact that we were told thatstuff would be happening with xrp andwhile many things have happened we havenot seen those 24 banks that Garlinhouse said and before you say that hedidn’t say 24 banks please google it hesaid I expect by the end of 2019 dozensof banks will be using XRP and Iremember that very clearly becausesomeone said maybe he just means 12banks and I said no there was an S atthe end of that dozen and therefore atleast twenty-four banks and I believe wehave two or three who are currentlyusing it there are actually to be fairthere are actually 24 institutions Ithink right now who are actually usingXRP still not banks no chance on thisearth I’m ever buying be cashlitecoin no I I would myself feelridiculous myself this is my opinion I’mpointing to myself because this is how Ifeel in my heart I would rather buyether or Bitcoin or XRP than buylitecoin people were asking me beforethe other coins and I talked about in2017 and 18 if I still hold these coinsyes I doI still hold some light coin I stillhold my EOS I don’t have any bye NanceCohen unless the magical bye Nance ferrygave me some I will never purchaseBitcoin cash Satoshi’s vision ever not amoment on this earth will change my mindtezo’s was something that actually didcross myfor a bit because of the amount of theword is in partnerships the amount ofinterest that tezo’s has received overthe course of this year however onceagain to reiterate I do not see whiletezo’s may go up by four percent fivepercent two percent one percent eightpercent over the course of a three weekperiod cumulatively I do not foreseetezo’s outperforming Bitcoin over thenext five to ten years one of the majorthings that I’ve learned for those ofyou who do not know I’ve been in thecryptocurrency spaces around 2012 andone of my major major regrets in thismarket is listening to other people tellme to not pay attention to Bitcoin youwould not imagine how many times I wastold to buy vert corn to buy world cointo buy this coin to buy Bitcoin dark tobuy this to buy – to buy mineiro to buysthat cash over and over and over andover imagine for seven years being toldthat what you’re buying is nonsense andto buy other stuff and at the verybeginning I I fell into the trap as wellI told her the people I’d started buyingthese other coins that I knew Ishouldn’t have had because in my mindother people told me you buy that coinit’s definitely gonna outperform Bitcoinand then two years later that coin wasnowhere to be found and I got to acertain point where I was like okay I’monly gonna focus on very few coins itwas around seven or eight coins that Ifocused on it was Bitcoin ether XRPlitecoin eos owe me sago what were theother ones there were two other ones twoor three other ones that I wasdefinitely focusing on that has beennarrowed dramatically I’m not buyinglumens I don’t care what lumens is doingwith IBM it has had no effect onanything whatever the case might beTron can be completely Tron big theycould be a gap between number 11 and 13and I would not even question it Tron isnever entering my portfolio nope card ahno as well it’s going to be a veryfascinating year because I am narrowingmy bets down heavily as to what I thinkis going to make it that is nota that at some point Cardno mightskyrocket by 85% cosmos might go up by25% over the course of a week Maneromight skyrocket by 800% that’s not tosay that these coins will not do wellhowever the coins and I am buying that Iam focusing on have become very narrowdo you remember once again I kept onsaying every single time that any majorinstitution anywhere kept on announcingthat they were going to list cryptocurrencies deal in crypto currencies bycrypto currencies I just hurt my handit was always Bitcoin when the peoplefrom the New York Stock Exchange andNasdaq both said it’s separate times andI believe it was fidelity as well thatthey think that bitcoin is going to be aworld currency I told everyone in thevideo it wasn’t be cash it wasn’t begold it wasn’t be Cash SV it was alwaysBitcoin and we’ve seen theinfrastructure built up heavily thisyear just around Bitcoin if we have somepoint in the future I will tell youhonestly if we have some point in thefuture where we hear that Bitcoindiamond is going to be the new coin thatthe people from the New York StockExchange NASDAQ fidelity Bank of AmericaJP Morgan and someone else is going tobe buying I will make a video to let allof you know right now that that shouldbe possibly added to your portfoliountil then you all know the deal like Isaid very linear video very easy a lotof the other coins have fallen into amassive hype cycle for me a lot of theother coins are not being worked on alot of people don’t know that a lot ofthe coins are not being the theblockchain itself still exists and itgoes as a as a decentralized network onits own because this is what it wasbuilt to do a lot of these projects haveno one building on them no one usingthemno one buying them and the price spikesthat you see for a lot of these coinsare based off of Wales who aremanipulating the prices to be able topush the prices up to sell when you buyanswer that they can buy moreor Bitcoin that is how the market worksand that is how the market is going tocontinue to work because we have peoplestill buying these coins when they knowthat they should not be buying them atall I dare say I hope you all enjoyed Iknow a lot of people are very upset allthe other out coins I mentioned beforeOh me sago eos litecoin x RP ether whatwas the other one some of the other likeone or two other ones I have not sold Istill have them at some point I willtell you in the strongest bit of honestyif at some point some of those othercoins outperform Bitcoin or go up ingeneral having 8090 40 thousand millionpercent spike they are probably stillgoing to be sold off to accumulate moreSatoshi’s if you have not realized atthis point that bitcoin is the name ofthe game and that bitcoin is probablygoing to make it in Bitcoin is probablygoing to be a world currency Bitcoinitself for those of you who missed thatvideo Bitcoin right now is the eighthlargest currency on this planet you haveto see how strong and powerful Bitcoinis and when all the major players whenall the big money on this planet keepsvouching for Bitcoin and talking abouthow big that Bitcoin is going to be thishas cleared up a lot of fog andconfusion even even more so if you kindof want to say it this way I think a lotof other coins are probably going tomake it but none of them will be as bigas Bitcoin and this is why my focusright now is on two and a half coins andI fear that if things don’t work outover the course of 2024 many otherprojects I will be straight arrowing itdirectly at Bitcoin exclusively I dohope you all enjoy it I hope you allhave a great day a great morning a greatafternoon a great evening wherever youare wherever you might be I do hope it’sabsolutely fantastic thank you all onceagain for watching and or listening andnow you know and I’ll talk to y’all soonsee youyou

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