Video: „27 Years Ago! This Bill Gates Interview Says EVERYTHING About Where We Are Today With Bitcoin.“

By Altcoin Daily

„This 1993 Bill Gates Interview Will Blow Your Mind! 27 years ago today, in a 1993 talk show interview, Bill Gates was brought on a tv show and challenged on whether or not personal computers actually had a future.“

„He was brought on this TV show 27 years ago in 1993 on a talk show with Bill Gates and was challenged to see if he actually had a future that can be seen since its inception in 1975. Microsoft had this slogan, the slogan was a computer on every desk in every apartment and office, he said it in the 1970s, she said it in the 1980s, in 1993 a computer in every office seemed like a failed dream, and personal computers ever accessible to an idiot like me was what this talk show from Bill Gates, whom he knew little, demanded. Only six years later, he had seen the biggest internet bubble in history, and then, 27 years later, was today not only PCs on every desk, but in every single one there were quilters who claimed that the original had a Microsoft computer, that on every desk there was what’s there that was really a project tion we did in the 1950s, whether every house will have a personal computer in the late 1980s Now it hasn’t happened and the reason why it didn’t happen in my opinion is that it is still too difficult are. You know that you still have that computer language that speaks to people like Mayors over 30, and you know when you are completely unrestricted as far as these things. Imagine you have changed a lot of computers but are like everyone me accessible. I think we will set up one in every office and household that was our original vision that we have to make them very familiar people. We have to rely on things that people understand, for example that everyone knows how to speak and everyone knows how to write. I developed one of the newest machines here because for the first time we have computers that understand what they speak, but you know what I want is something I can do. I don’t have to enter anything. I either write the thing on the screen. They say send me a bank statement. Or whatever you want, you know it instead of doing it. If you interpret it in a language, you can pretty much do it to get my bank clerk to take my bank. I want you to show us that it’s faster. You are right, it recognizes your handwriting. Is it right? I’m just pointing here and asking to start a notebook application, and here we can see what my monthly calendar shows on that particular day and see what’s going on there now. This is just a normal pen, which I write directly on the surface of this screen and which I did not have to learn special so here I have this daily calendar saying I want to change something I have an adinner down there but if I want to get rid of it I just do it one gesturegets of it and I’m going to Monte Carlo tonight so just write that you save that you’re probably all Monte Carlo and state that. Yes, that’s fine, and now the computers understand that that’s on my schedule, and I’ll actually print it out to make sure you got the idea that Bill Gates ended up right, I mea myself through adversity despite everything As early as 1975, he hesitated to prevent his company from reflecting on the future, in which he experienced the global trend and the late 70s, 80s and 90s and benefited immensely from it. I hope you understand why I showed you this clip. The point is that those who can correctly predict the way the world develops and those who can respond appropriately to these thoughts can benefit greatly , Many people have asked today that cryptocurrency is done. Many say Bitcoin has failed even though this has no future. I think they just don’t see the world evolving. Let me ask you a few questions. Is the world tending to be more digital or are we becoming less digital? Oh yes, more digital. What about the US dollar, which is the US dollar? The world reserve currency is the tendency to become more valuable or the tendency to become less valuable. Oh yes, less valuable, how about overnight stays and third parties, what about centralized authorities that want to give up control or want to take more control? Obviously, they’re taking more control, folks, I don’t know if bitcoins will stand the test of time that I know is that it works today is that the network effect gets bigger and I can articulate the problems that it solves, not many people can do it. I say give a few more years. I think at some point every single person Carnegie Mellon’s computer science department is one of the best in the world with US News and World Report ranking it tied for number one in the country with Stanford UC Berkeley in Massachusetts Institute for technology they go on to list some other accoladesso this is from a private developer not only donating the money but donate toget in the maker doubt token bullish pretty bullish in other news if you like defy you must like Etherium so Etherium hard forks for the second time in one month i want you to know the details Etherium has completed its second hardfork in less than 30 days at the time of press 92% of Etherium clients were synced with the new upgrade according to ether nodes 92% syncing up is pretty good so the hard fork delays the difficulty bomb by 4 million blocks so with this delay with this hard fork the difficulty bomb is expected to not go off again for a few years at least until the deployment of key Ether 2.0 features such as the finality gadget so when Etherium switches to proof of stake they’re going to throw a difficulty bomb so all the miners have to switch to proof of stake I like that they got 92 percent of their nodes I guess to sync to this to this hard fork as decentralized finance maybe this gets you excited but ether as money doesn’t get me excited because you don’t want your money to be this controlled or to change this much so pretty interesting you let me know what you think of you know Etherium 2.0 seems like it’s always getting kicked down the road but hey amI being realistic and my being negativeI don’t know you know I hope gets going our final story of the day is about price Bitcoin price falls below 7000 support but bears yet to break key support levels so let’s check in on the price so what this is reporting on ist his drop right here taking us below 7000 we got to about 6,000 850 they put the article out and then almost as soon as that happens you can see a big old pump so pumped from now you stay updated there features on this so it’s a 6% pump not that much but it’s kind of weird that you know every once in a while will see these big pumps up and then slow you know rolling price just starts going down either way the price of Bitcoin right now 7250 starting off the new year relatively strong you can see we got a green candle for the monthly candle and we’ll keep you updated this is Erin at alt point a Lee it’s going to be a great year“

Cointelegraph has mentioned that even though Coinbase is going down they may still be able to accommodate some large block transactions.

They believe that it was created with a different philosophy from Bitcoin, or at least it is supposed to be in line with Bitcoin, and the use of a much faster block time than Bitcoin (5 mins vs 10 mins) can help protect the users by eliminating the now very powerful hackers and botnets who seem to be able to attack Bitcoin and take over the network.

I believe it will also be possible to charge fees directly within the wallet to pay for faster transactions. Even though the Lightning Network itself is still not implemented, many industry experts believe the Lightning Network could potentially help users of the Lightning Network to use a payment channel and pay for fast, cheap transactions. For example, in our testing, the longest block was only 8kb in Lightning Network mode and there was no service fee associated with it, so a payment would typically be instant and free. The users would pay only in fees for the other side of the channel. I don’t know if the Lightning Network is ready for production use, but I believe it would be possible to charge for this service, and this could be cheaper than service fees for the Bitcoin Blockchain. I hope this allows some people to seriously think about how the blockchain could be transformed for payments.

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