Video: „HOW TO BUY BITCOIN 2019 – Easy Ways to Invest In Cryptocurrency For Beginners!“

By Bruce Wannng

In the coming years, though, Bitcoin has the potential to become much more than only digital currency. You can buy Bitcoin almost anywhere online. How? Watch this Video.



„So you want to buy some bitcoins or cryptocurrency but you just don’t know how to do it? You don’t want to mine for it, you just want to spend some of your hard-earned money on Bitcoin and in this video, I’m gonna show you exactly how to do that the easiest and the most simple way to do it my name is Bruce Wayne. I usually make videos about personal finance my real estate investments and my some of my stock investments but in this video is gonna be more specific about cryptocurrency I started investing into cryptocurrency and specifically Bitcoin in 2017 late 2017 and I have some experience when it comes to it I know how to buy Bitcoin and all the other altcoins is very simple and I even also know how to mine Bitcoin itself but in this video I’m just gonna teach you how to buy some bitcoins the easiest and most simplest way to do so so the first thing you’re gonna need is either a cellphone or a computer with internet connection and you want to download the app called coinbase and the first thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna want to download coinbase this is exactly what coinbase looks like it’s just like a little blue square with a c‘ on it and there we go let’s open this coin base and see what we got here so coin base has to be the most easiest most simplest way non scammy way you guys can get into Bitcoin yet one thing about cryptocurrency in general is that it is full of scams it is full of people trying to take your money but for whatever reason you want to buy someBitcoin Bitcoin is the most well known cryptocurrency out there it is the original cryptocurrency Bitcoin BTC also known as the BTC and right now the current price of Bitcoin is five thousand four hundred forty five dollars and 32 cents in march Bitcoin was around just under four thousand dollars and now bitcoin is touching five thousand almost five thousand five hundred dollars that is a gigantic leap in the price forty percent gain in the price on the month that is ridiculous and that’s something that you can find very commonly when it comes to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and when it comes to cryptocurrency in general Bitcoin is probably the safest bet when it comes to your investments so when it comes to coin base and buying your big points what you want to do is go into your accounts and you want to go into your BTC wallet and in your BTC wallet or Bitcoin wallet you’ll see a Buy button and that is as simple as it gets there after you obviously register for your accounts so as you can see here in my history I’m gonna be scrolling down just a little bit I do buy Bitcoin here and there a little bit and also back in the day I used to mine for Bitcoin with this bad boy right here but there are only a few ways to make money when it comes to pick coin the number one way is to buy Bitcoin hold it and then when it raises in its value you can sell it the second way is to mine Bitcoin mining it it’s a lot harder mining it does come with a lot of disadvantages as well I think the easiest way to do it is just a bite but mining it you need to buy hardware you need to hook it up to the internet and you also need to spend a lot of time and a lot of energy and a lot of money when it comes to mining but it is a fun hobby and the third way to do it is to trade and you can trade Bitcoin on Coinbase Pro just look it up is is connected with Coinbase so whenever you sign up with your account on Coinbase you have only bait you’ll have an account on coinbase pearl if that makes sense to you so just looking through my history you know I don’t do too much trading I don’t do too much buying recently because we’ve been in a bear market for a very long time and it’s very difficult to do all that type of stuff in a bear market but when it comes to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general we can see that there has been some life given toBitcoin and it is raised over 40 percent in the last month when it comes to anything in green that means my wallet is getting filled with Bitcoin and when it comes to anything in like gray or I mean and when it comes to anything in like this gray text this means that I sent Bitcoin to another wallet addressor I either sold it so yeah hopefully this proves that I do have some experience when it comes to cryptocurrency and like I said coin base is probably recommended like eight out of ten nine out of ten by most people but you will find some cryptocurrency investors hating on coin base because offer various reasons so when it comes to buying Bitcoin you can buy as much as you want but coinbase does limit you to a certain amount per day per week and and that all depends on what level of identification that you give coinbase and for myself I’m able to buy $5,000 a Bitcoin and I don’t recommend anyone buying Bitcoin this $5,000 all at one time if you are going to jump into cryptocurrency investing start small and only invest what you can afford to lose that is the that is those are the golden rules when it comes to cryptocurrency investing and selling Bitcoin is obviously the opposite you can sell as much as you as much Bitcoin as you have I don’t think they give you any limits when it comes to selling bitcoins so on the next tab here you can create price alerts for whatever bitcoin price that you want I don’t have any notifications for any Bitcoin alerts here but in general I don’t have any notifications on my phone just because I hate seeing notifications on my phone and on the invite tab you can invite your friends or people that you want to start investing in cryptocurrency and here in these settings this is what I’m talking about when it comes to account levels I’m at at level 3 which enables me to have like all these perks here I’m able to wire transfer $250,000 into a coinbase but I don’t eat but I don’t recommend anyone doing that that is a crazy amount and that is something that not many people can do in general and these are what you have to do to get these different types of level to get to level 1 just verify your phone number to get to level 2 most likely just need to verify some personal information to get to level 3 you probably need to upload a photo ID your license I think I either updated by either uploaded my license or my passport I completely forgot which one I did this such such a long time ago yeah when it comes to cryptocurrency in general most cryptocurrency investors they like to keep their personal information private and they don’t like to give it out to all of these companies so that is also dependent on your level of privacy native currency Suffolk’staury country is self-explanatory phone numbers notifications and when it come sto security when it when it comes to Bitcoin security cryptocurrency curity you want to have everything as secure as possible so you want to you would want to have Google Authenticator this application links up with a lot of your other programs as well when it comes to security so you can link this up with even your Gmail account and your your coin based account and it gives you a secret code and it’s time-sensitive so I think each code lasts for like one or two minutes so going back to the main screen on coinbase you guys can see here that they have a lot of different coins now these are called alt coins they’re an alternative to Bitcoin a theorem is very well known in the community if they’re in classic litecoin icon oh my see go all these coins they weren’t here two years ago coinbase just recently listed them on their exchange and when it comes to all coins it is even more speculative and risky to invest in those so just be well aware when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency so before I end this video fair warning to anybody that’s going to invest in Bitcoin first off I know that there’s going to be a lot of comments a lot of spam comments a lot of scammy comments in the section below I can’t I can’t filter them all out but there are going to be there don’t read the comment section it is gonna be completely crazy everyone that’s gonna comment on this video is most likely a scam of some sort so just be well aware of that and on the other hand I do not know that if we’re in a bull market I haven’t been following too closely when it comes to cryptocurrency because I’m just been caught up in other in my other investments I’ve more I’ve been really more interested investing in real estate something long-term something that I can do forever and real estate is a lot less risky than cryptocurrency or Bitcoin and even this even stocks are probably a lot less risky than cryptocurrency just because the stock market is a lot more mature the last thing I want to say is that Bitcoin jumps up and jumps down in price a lot it is very volatile super volatile so there is an opportunity to make money there but I’m not able to do it because I can’t stay on top of it and there area lot of professional traders out there doing it and I just cannot compete with them but if you believe that you can do it then be my guest go ahead just just don’t invest more than you can afford to lose and do your own research those are probably the two best golden rules when it comes to investing in general and good luck if you’re interested in more cryptocurrency videos you guys can check out this video here this is a video of my cryptocurrency portfolio in general the last of the last time that I updated itand if you’re brand new to the channel don’t forget to subscribe I make a lot of new content about investing personal finance and real estate and also leave alike why don’t you leave a like for me on the video down below it will mean alot to me and also and also check out some of the other links in thedescription if you want to support the channel because I’m doing all this for free and the only other way that I can monetize it is with some of the links inthe description so thanks for watching I’ll catch you guys in the next video, bye“

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