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Hello everyone this is Spencer fromwealth hacks and today we’re gonna learnhow to get a Bitcoin wallet also you’lllearn how to get a wallet for prettymuch any other cryptocurrency whichyou’ll probably want to do if you’regetting Bitcoin so first thing to notethere’s a lot of ways to get a Bitcoinwallet okay you can even have a piece ofpaper that is a Bitcoin wah you can havea little thumb drive that’s a Bitcoinwallet you can have different kinds ofonline Bitcoin watts there’s a lot ofways to do it I’m going to show you theway that I consider both safe and easyto use and so there’s kind of a spectrumwith like a really really safe forexample a piece of paper and there’seasy to use which obviously is a littleeasier to hack because it’s online andit’s instantly accessible so I’m gonnashow you a fairly middle road that youcan take where you have safe places tostore your Bitcoin a safe wallet butalso it’s pretty easily accessible andyou don’t the kind of worry about itvery much so you’re gonna wanna go downbelow you’re gonna want to create acorn-based account if you don’t have oneif you do that’s fine but click thatlink create a clone based account coolthing about that link is you’ll get tendollars after you buy a hundred odd forthe Bitcoin or ten dollars in Bitcoin soonce you’re there you’re probably not togo through some verification stuffsubmitting an ID connecting a bankaccount things like that they’re verysecure with Bitcoin so you’re gonnaeventually get to a place where you’resitting on a dashboard like this okayyou’re gonna want to go to accounts andyou’re gonna you’re gonna have you’regonna have a Bitcoin wallet that itcomes with you’re gonna have anaetherium wallet that it comes withyou’re gonna have a u.s. dollar walletthat it comes with and you’re gonna havea light coin walk that it comes with soyou’ve now got a wallet you’ve got aplace where you can store Bitcoinlitecoin aetherium US dollars but thisisn’t the most secure way so this iswhat I was talking about this isprobably the least secure way okay soI’m going to show you another step thatyou’ll want to take to actually secureyour online wallet you’re gonna go downhere you’re gonna click new account okayand I’m gonna do this with litecoinbecause I’ve already created this withBitcoin but you’ll just do this withBitcoin exactly what I’m doing andyou’re gonna click vaultokay let me explain the concept of thisif someone was able to hack your coinbase account which coin base hasn’t beenhacked as a whole but individualaccounts have been hacked okay they useyour email they hack your cellphonethere’s lots of ways they can get inthrough coinbasewhich means that even though coinbasehasn’t been hacked your personal accountcould still go sowhat we want is a vault and what a vaultis is essentially it it slows down theselling process so when a hacker comesin and they hack your personal coin baseaccount what they do is they instantlysend the the Bitcoin straight to theiraddress and then it’s untraceable theysell the Bitcoin and they’re gone andyou’re done for you can’t get it backokay it all happens very instantaneouslyso what a vault is is it slows down thatprocess a vault is like a bank accountthat doesn’t let you withdraw for twodays it makes you give them two emailaddresses and a text and it’s sendingnotes to all three saying hey we noticethat you requested a transfer of yourBitcoin are you sure you want to do thatand you have to click and verify acrossall three usually about two sometimesthree times which means that I shouldyour account of an hacked you’re verylikely to be able to get back control ofyour account within 48 hours and youwon’t lose any of your your Bitcoin so Ihope that makes sense so typically if Iwanted to just use my Bitcoin wallet tosell Bitcoin or to send it going tosomebody I could go in here Bitcoinwallet and I could send it in twoseconds I click send give it an addressand go which is good but also really badif your hat and so that’s why you wantto create you want to create a vaulthere you’ll click litecoin or you’llclick Bitcoin sorry okaynow yours is gonna say name your BTCvault so you’re gonna name it BTC vaultI’m gonna name mine LTC vault and itsays who will approve withdrawalsindividual meaning all true my own or agroup so you can have a couple peoplewith a couple email addresses and acouple phone numbers that all have toverify I wouldn’t go that intense unlessyou’ve got a lot of Bitcoin so it’sgonna say primary email that’s my emailthat’s where they’re gonna send onemessage and it says secondary email soI’m gonna put in a secondary email thatI want it to send verification messageas well in that 48-hour period okay andit’s gonna send a confirmation your suckin your email as soon as you click thatyou’re good to go you now have a vaultI’m gonna pause real quick while I dothat okay as soon as you click that thatlink in your email and say yes I verifythat I own this email it’ll say completeit’ll let you know it’s a 48-hour timedelay give you all the places where itsends notifications etc mines blurredout obviouslyand you’ll click continue to vault okayso now in your accounts you’ll have aBitcoin wallet and you’ll also have aBitcoin vaultokay and so once you go buy your Bitcoinwhich is very easy to do then you’regonna want to send that Bitcoin soyou’ll go into your Bitcoin wallet andyou’ll want to send it whoops I did thatwrong you’re gonna want to deposit itinto your Bitcoin vault so you’re gonnalook B in your account so you’re gonnago to pause it and you’re gonna safedeposit from my Bitcoin wallet and it’sgonna give you how much is in thatwallet right now I only have what 371 soI’m gonna say three I’m gonna say R it’s0.04 one Bitcoin one eight eight threeokay I’m gonna say I want to transferthat into my vault it’s gonna say donenow for me to get it out of that vaultI’m going to have to wait 48 hoursokay so typically you’re buying yourBitcoin to sit on and hold right you’renot buying it to sell in two hours orthree hours if you are you don’t want itin your Bitcoin vault but typicallyyou’re buying it to just sit on it andwait till Bitcoin raises a lot in valueso this is the safest way to have yourBitcoin you know in a safe place withcoinbase not you know sitting on a pieceof paper that you can lose or they canburn or anything it wet or all kinds ofproblems so it’s safe with coinbasebut also fairly safe from hackers okayso I hope you enjoyed this video if youdo want to have it on your own digitalhard drive that’s fine I’ve got othervideos about that they’ll probably popup as YouTube you know realizes that youmight be interested in that and so goahead and click those this channel allabout Bitcoin all about how to reallybuild your wealth so if you’re lookingto do that go ahead and slip go aheadand slap subscribe and you’ll seeawesome videos the rest your life abouthow you can grow your wealth and andmake smart investments and develop apassive income

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